The Second Life client for your mobile phone.

We have introduced a new licensing model with prices starting at L$250 per month.

You can now choose from two different license versions, the Standard version and the Professional version. Main difference between those two versions is the background inactivity timer.
The Standard version will log you out from Second Life after the application has been 15 minutes in the background. The Professional version allows you to to put the application in the background  for up to 8 hours.
But there is also a small feature limitation in the Standard version, see the comparison table under Licensing/Pricing for more information.

Also new is the possibility to buy a Professional license for a whole year, which gives you a discount of L$900 (two months) over separately monthly paid licenses.
The Demo version license has been extended to two full weeks (14 days) instead of previously ten days.

All current active licenses have been classified as Professional version licenses.

New features and improvements in v1.8.538

  • Support for and secondlife:// links was added. Clicking on a secondlife:// link (used by and other websites) now opens Mobile Grid Client and you will be asked before teleporting to the destination.
  • Mobile Grid Client is compatible with small and big screen devices. For example the HTC Tattoo.
  • We have improved the local chat: The entries now show how far your conversational partner is away from you, so you get a better feeling about your surrounding avatars.
  • Some time ago Elroy Sullivan mentioned by e-mail, that he would like to swipe between different IM channels. This is my first try in gestures and animations, please let me know what you (everyone, not just Elroy) think about it.
  • David Baril, also via e-mail, suggested the use of the full screen landscape soft keyboard, as long as there is the bug in Android that stops the dictionary from working with the other keyboard layout. This was added as an option in the preferences.
  • Finally we speeded up chat and IM lists a bit.