The Second Life client for your mobile phone.

Mobile Grid Client disconnects after some minutes.

Mobile Grid Client needs a constant Internet connection. Switching between networks (3G to WiFi and vice versa) interrupts the connection. Mobile Grid Client will automatically reconnect if set in settings. It’s possible that some devices (especially some Samsung devices) disable data networks when the phone is in deep sleep (screen is off for a longer time). This results in Mobile Grid Client loosing the connection without the abillity to reconnect.
Please get sure to disable all RAM, memory, CPU and battery optimization tools or at least whitelist Mobile Grid Client. Disable Samsung’s Smart Manager or set Mobile Grid Client to “Turned off”.
On Android 6 (Marshmallow) and newer disable battery optimization for Mobile Grid Client (you’ll be asked on every login if it is not set).

If you still encounter lost connections while the screen is off, enable the “Keep CPU awake while in background” option in the settings of Mobile Grid Client.

Why is the chat suspended when Mobile Grid Client is in background?

The chat is suspended to save even more power. You can disable the chat suspension in the settings of Mobile grid Client.

Where can I find my license code?

The license code can be found in the about dialog of Mobile Grid Client and starts with sim#, dev# or goo#.
It’s updated on every login attempt.

I got a new phone or SIM card. How can I transfer my license?

Mobile Grid Client’s licenses are tied to SIM cards respectively devices or starting with Android 10 and up to Google Accounts.
When changing the SIM card or the device (for devices without a SIM card) Mobile Grid Client calculates a new license code and therefore loses the license.

We’ll transfer yearly licenses only and only twice per license.
If you want to transfer your yearly license from your old device to your new one: Send us an e-mail to with at least the name of the avarat who purchased your license and the license code of your new SIM card / device.

How can I upgrade from Std to Pro version license?

Upgrades can only be done manually.
To do so, please pay L$200 to “Kurz Socke” inworld and let us know via e-mail to when you have done so. Include your license code (can be found in the about dialog of Mobile Grid Client, starts with dev#, sim# or goo#) in your reply.
We’ll then upgrade your license. This will take one to seven days.

How can i buy a new license?

Mobile Grid Client will automatically offer you a new license on the next login after your old one has expired. You just need Mobile Grid Client and a Second Life avatar with enough balance.
How to acquire a new license

What are the different licenses?

Have a look at the features table.

Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer.

Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer.
If you feel this is an error, please contact

If you get that message at login, Linden Lab may have banned your IP address or device because of abuse or something similar. That doesn’t mean that it had to be you who caused that block, because of dynamic IP addresses.
To solve this get in contact with Linden Lab via

Where to change my password?

Mobile Grid Client is just a Second Life viewer, not the provider of Second Life.
Please contact Linden Lab for support on Second Life:
Second Life website:

How to get support?

Support can only be given via e-mail. Send a message to and include at least following details:

  • description of your issue or error message as exact as possible (error number)
  • your avatar’s name
  • your device (brand and model)
  • your Android version