The Second Life client for your mobile phone.


  • improved support for Android 13


  • fixed login issue with OpenSim grids


  • fixed map not loading
  • at least Android 4 (API level 14) is required now; dropped support for Android 2 and Android 3


  • fixed permission issue on Android 6 to 9
  • fixed licensing issues on CDMA phones
  • fixed crash on older Android versions


  • added support for Android 10
  • new license mode starting for devices with Android 10 (licenses are now tied to Google accounts)
  • improved message log
  • fixed status bar icons and added notification channels
  • several other small fixes


  • added support for Android 6 doze mode
  • added alternative wake lock handling to improved connection stability on some devices (has to be activated in settings)
  • improved connectivity logging in main chat
  • added menu item for help/FAQ
  • fixed issue with notifications not displaying right on newer Android versions


  • fixed chat/IM tab highlighting in Android 5
  • added better IM channel highlighting on new messages


  • fixed min length chat message bug
  • fixed chat/IM tab highlighting in Android 5


  • added support for Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • added experimental /sit and /stand chat commands


  • prevent service from being killed on latest Samsung firmwares


  • fixed a crash when using a mouse


  • fixed a connectivity issue on new (Z10) BlackBerry devices


  • fixed people search (not showing results with less than a 100 entries)


  • added IM auto answer functionality if app is in background or screen is off (has to be enabled in the settings)
  • small bugfixes and improvements


  • show elevation in nearby chat and nearby people list


  • minor improvements on user interface


  • updated for Android v3 (Honeycomb) and v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)


  • improved network connection handling to overcome restrictions of some firewalls
  • added support for the BlackBerry PlayBook (get it via BlackBerry AppWorld)
  • added custom support for “sprint PG41200” devices


  • ability to create notecards
  • vertical tabs in landscape orientation
  • some minor fixes and improvements


  • some minor fixes
  • added custom support for “telechips” devices


  • added support for mute/block list
  • added support for alpha layers
  • improved appearance handling with alert message when something goes wrong on baking the avatar
  • new preference setting to enable/disable money received notifications
  • added custom support for “Hannspree” and “generis” devices


  • added custom support for “bn” (Barnes & Noble; NookColor) brand devices
  • chat logs now with date and time instead of time only

v1.16.1015 – v1.16.1024

  • some minor fixes


  • ability to receive nearby chat messages even when in background (has to be activated in the settings)
  • copy single chat messages to clipboard

v1.15.968 – v1.15.1000

  • fixed an Android 1.5 specific crash on orientation change
  • fixed a crash with very big friendlists
  • fixed disappearance of in background received IMs
  • improved connection handling
  • some small improvements


  • give inventory items
  • display an inventory item’s properties
  • support for /me emotes
  • added custom support for “marvell” and “Flextronics” brand devices
  • fixed some problems (lost messages) on orientation change
  • improved the process of reconnecting to the server
  • improved compression for transmitted data


  • fixed a force close on devices with Android v2.2


  • support for the Avination grid
  • added send conversation protocols (chat logs) via e-mail again
  • fixed the “clears all messages on leaving settings-screen” bug


  • copy notecard content to clipboard
  • copy chat and IM logs to clipboard
  • full inventory manipulation (rename, move and delete items and folders)
  • send and receive group invitations
  • support for Archos devices with Froyo
  • improved orientation change handling
  • support for


  • some stability improvements

v1.13.855 – v1.13.861

  • address an out of memory and timeout error that occurred on login with some avatars (with really big inventories)


  • the whole login process is now handled by the mobile device itself, from now on no passwords nor their hashes are transfered to our servers
  • support for the new login names without a second name (e.g. johndoe123)
  • updated OSGrid login server URL
  • the hardware search button now opens the people search dialog


  • ability to sort inventory items by date and name


  • confirmations before deleting inventory items and teleporting to nearby avatars
  • chat font size changeable via settings


  • fixed problems with SL-server v1.40
  • fixed “away gesture setting” not working correctly


  • inventory now fully browsable
  • ability to view notecards
  • nearby people list easier to access now (people tab)
  • better support for high density displays
  • better integration of
  • better teleport handling
  • friend online status notification can now be disabled in settings
  • support for chat channels
  • and a lot of small improvements and fixes


  • fixed foreground notifications


  • fixed an issue where not all groups were showing up in group list
  • some small improvements


  • send conversation protocols via e-mail
  • give card
  • first life text for profiles
  • fast startup even with a lot of messages
  • added Grid4Us to grid list


  • fixed IM unread messages count


  • support for OpenSimulator grids
  • no plain text passwords are transmitted to the server (just their MD5 hashes)
  • asynchronous profile loading (faster profile loading)
  • better group chat handling (join and leave sessions)

v1.8.608 – v1.8.616

  • some small fixes


  • fixed occasionally forced close on opening/closing/swiping IM channels


  • internal improvements


  • fixed secondlife:// URI parsing (special characters were not recognized correctly)


  • support for the new licensing model
  • support for and secondlife:// links
  • compatibility for big and small screen devices
  • added distances to chat list
  • fling between IM channels with gestures
  • option for the standard full screen landscape soft keyboard in the preferences
  • faster chat and IM list scrolling


  • making payments (give money to avatars)
  • message on received payments
  • fixed an issue with the friendlist


  • just some small fixes


  • fixed a potential crash of the background service on incoming friendship offers


  • group notices (no attachments at the moment)
  • teleport to nearby avatars
  • improved map (arrows indicating elevation)
  • login message (message of the day)
  • some small enhancements


  • fixed reconnection handling


  • fixed crash if parcel’s name was empty


  • improved map
    • avatar’s coordinates
    • parcel name
    • parcel music URL
    • circles indicating the chat distances (whisper, say and shout)
  • landmarks and calling cards from inventory under “My profile”
  • log messages for inventory offers, teleport results, friendship offer results and friend online status changes in chat list


  • improved connection stability
  • notification light on connection loss
  • preferences: validation for custom start location


  • people search
  • custom start location
  • fixed crash with full screen soft keyboard
  • better scrolling on chat lists


  • compatibility to CDMA phones
  • group chat
  • timestamps for offline IMs
  • message on inventory received


First version for public Android Market with new name “Mobile Grid Client”.

  • reconnect on lost connection
  • nearby avatars list
  • viewing profiles (with support to manage and teleport to picks and change your active group)


Initial version called “My Second Mobile Life” for the ADC 2.

  • local chat
  • friendlist
  • instant messages
  • teleport lures (sending and receiving)
  • friendship lures (sending and receiving)
  • mini map