The Second Life client for your mobile phone.


There was an issue with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The latest version (v1.23.1226) fixes this.

There’s a new experimental feature: Sitting on objects.
Currently it is a bit hard to use as you have to write the UUID of the object you want to sit on into the chat. The syntax is as following:

/sit [UUID]

If you ommit the UUID your avatar will just sit on the ground. Standing up again works with:


Some examples:

/sit 01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcde

Just write it in the nearby chat. There will be no response.
Be aware that for now if the object animates your avatar, the animation will not stop when standing up. This can lead to strange behavior of the avatar.

This is a small list of features that were added in the past. To see which version they belong, have a look at the Changelog.

  • added IM auto answer functionality if app is in background or screen is off (has to be enabled in the settings)
  • show elevation in nearby chat and nearby people list
  • improved network connection handling to overcome restrictions of some firewalls
  • added support for the BlackBerry PlayBook (get it via BlackBerry AppWorld)
  • added custom support for “sprint PG41200” devices
  • ability to create notecards
  • vertical tabs in landscape orientation
  • added custom support for “telechips” devices
  • added support for mute/block list
  • added support for alpha layers
  • improved appearance handling with alert message when something goes wrong on baking the avatar
  • new preference setting to enable/disable money received notifications
  • added custom support for “Hannspree” and “generis” devices
  • added custom support for “bn” (Barnes & Noble; NookColor) brand devices
  • chat logs now with date and time instead of time only
  • ability to receive nearby chat messages even when in background (has to be activated in the settings)
  • copy single chat messages to clipboard
  • give inventory items
  • display an inventory item’s properties
  • support for /me emotes
  • added custom support for “marvell” and “Flextronics” brand devices
  • improved compression for transmitted data
  • support for the Avination grid
  • copy notecard content to clipboard
  • copy chat and IM logs to clipboard
  • full inventory manipulation (rename, move and delete items and folders)
  • send and receive group invitations
  • support for Archos devices with Froyo
  • improved orientation change handling
  • support for

Mobile Grid Client is available for over one year now. To say thank you to all our customers we have invested a lot of afford and time to further improve our service once again.
With the latest update (v1.13.852) the client now handles all the login stuff (sending username, password and more to the grid for authentication) on your device. There is no more need to transfer the password hash for login purposes to our servers.

Additionally Mobile Grid Client now supports the new login names (usernames) without a second name.

We are very sorry, but yesterday the service was down for about 20 hours. Linden Lab has accidentally banned the IP addresses of all our servers. Everything should work again now as expected.
As a compensation for this all affected paid licenses have been extended by one week.
We are sorry for any trouble this has caused you.

The new version (v1.10.650) allows you to give everyone your calling card and save protocols of your conversations by sending them via e-mail (to yourself or someone other).

You might have seen it on the right: We are on Twitter now. If you want to stay up to date, follow us.

The latest version (v1.9.624) with support for OpenSimulator grids is available via Android Market. I want to mention that OpenSim support is still in beta stage, so don’t expect all functions of Mobile Grid Client to work, especially teleporting and group handling.
License payment still has to be done via Second Life, so you will need a Second Life account with some L$ to acquire one.

Our service was not available today from 6:00 to 15:00 o’clock UTC due to a misconfiguration of the server. We are sorry for that. The problem has been fixed and should not occur again.

You may also have noticed some updates of the client in the last days. The application did crash occasionally on some phones. We addressed that with the updates. Please give us some feedback via e-mail if you think something does not work as it should.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

We have introduced a new licensing model with prices starting at L$250 per month.

You can now choose from two different license versions, the Standard version and the Professional version. Main difference between those two versions is the background inactivity timer.
The Standard version will log you out from Second Life after the application has been 15 minutes in the background. The Professional version allows you to to put the application in the background  for up to 8 hours.
But there is also a small feature limitation in the Standard version, see the comparison table under Licensing/Pricing for more information.

Also new is the possibility to buy a Professional license for a whole year, which gives you a discount of L$900 (two months) over separately monthly paid licenses.
The Demo version license has been extended to two full weeks (14 days) instead of previously ten days.

All current active licenses have been classified as Professional version licenses.

New features and improvements in v1.8.538

  • Support for and secondlife:// links was added. Clicking on a secondlife:// link (used by and other websites) now opens Mobile Grid Client and you will be asked before teleporting to the destination.
  • Mobile Grid Client is compatible with small and big screen devices. For example the HTC Tattoo.
  • We have improved the local chat: The entries now show how far your conversational partner is away from you, so you get a better feeling about your surrounding avatars.
  • Some time ago Elroy Sullivan mentioned by e-mail, that he would like to swipe between different IM channels. This is my first try in gestures and animations, please let me know what you (everyone, not just Elroy) think about it.
  • David Baril, also via e-mail, suggested the use of the full screen landscape soft keyboard, as long as there is the bug in Android that stops the dictionary from working with the other keyboard layout. This was added as an option in the preferences.
  • Finally we speeded up chat and IM lists a bit.

Some of you requested the feature to give someone money (L$) and therefore the latest version (v1.7.506) supports payments to avatars. You will also be noticed if someone sends you money. I hope you like it.

The previous version (v1.6.472) introduced an issue with the friendlist, sometimes it did not update the online status. This is fixed now.
If you encounter some problems (like the one with the friendlist) don’t hesitate to contact me via a comment on this site or via e-mail.

The new released version (1.6.452) now supports teleporting to avatars in the same region. You will be teleported 2m to the east of the the selected avatar. This should make it possible to chat with everyone in the region and follow people to special places. I think it’s the best way to move without seeing.

Also new is the group notice feature, but at the moment only the message itself is displayed in the appropriate group chat channel, the attachments are not saved to your inventory.