Mobile Grid Client

The Second Life client for your mobile phone.

With the latest version (1.5.408) of the client it’s now easier to teleport around in Second Life and to stay in contact with other people. Your profile now also lists your landmark and calling card inventory folder. Only the elements in the root of these folders are displayed. Duplicate calling cards are only displayed once.

new mapThe map also got some small enhancements and additionally shows now three red circles around your avatar indicating the chat distances (whisper, say and shout). Those of you who want to listen to the parcels music stream now have the ability to retrieve the parcel’s music URL (The guys from DroidLive are working to support the launch of the stream with just a tap).

All log messages (on/offline messages, inventory offers, …) are now logged in the local chat list.

Yesterday I received an e-mail form ADC 2 Support:

[…] Unfortunately, your application was not selected by Android users as one of the top 20 in its category. […]

But anyway, I want to thank all of you who supported this project at ADC 2 and I hope you like all the improvements I have made since the start of ADC 2.

ADC 2 was the reason for me to start this project, but the end of the challenge will not mean the end of Mobile Grid Client. Don’t worry I’ll keep working on it.

BTW: Some of you are posting questions at the Android Market rating comment. I can’t answer them there. If you have questions or problems using the application please have a look at the How to use it page, post your questions here as a comment or send me an e-mail.

Version 1.4 is out now and has the ability to search for people and to set a custom start location (But be aware that there is no error message when the start location is not available, you will automatically be redirected to a nearby region.).


  • people search feature
  • home, last and custom start location via settings menu
  • crash with full screen soft keyboard fixed
  • better scrolling on chat lists

Version 1.3.0 is waiting for you in the market. Some of you requested a group chat feature, here it is. Now you can start and join Second Life group chats on your phone.


  • group chat feature
  • compatible with CDMA phones
  • timestamps for offline IMs
  • message on inventory received
  • some small bugfixes

If you like it rate it high on the market, if you don’t like it post a comment here ;-).


Mobile Grid Client is out now and available via Android market. Follow this link or scan the QRCode on the right to get to the market entry of Mobile Grid Client.

Some of you may have noticed the new name. Well, Linden Lab kindly informed us to change it, so we hope all of you are also happy with the new one. Maybe we can add some support for other grids in the future.

And one more thing we have to mention: Because this is a hosted service and therefore requires a server to be payed, we can’t provide the service for free. Take a look at the Licensing/Pricing page.

Now go and get it and put your Second Life into your pocket!